Candy Challenge 3D

In this thrilling game, you will play with candies. But do not think there is much fun about it. Actually, the plot is based on the stories taken from a cruel Squid Game show. You surely remember the terrible rule – the participant is forced to go through all the stages of the fierce competition for survival. He must remain the only winner to receive an impressive prize. But those who lose, will die. In Candy Challenge, the player has to go through several very similar levels. The first task is to cut out fancy figures from crumbling sugar dough, then you need to run along a narrow glass bridge made of fragile tiles, and finally, to cross the wide field and reach a giant robot doll. To pass each test, you must strictly follow all the rules and be extremely careful not to attract the attention of the armed guards. You can move to the next trial only upon successful completion of the previous one. And if you fail, your life is over. Some tasks have time limits. If you do not manage to reach the finish line in time, there is no hint or second chance. This entertainment develops attentiveness, logical thinking and the ability to make important decisions in stressful situations. But remember – you have no right for a mistake in this deadly competition.

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