Crab Game Squid Game

Sometimes, plain children’s activities may turn into thrilling survival if you slightly change the rules. This is exactly what happened in the Crab Game. The plot was partially borrowed from the famous Squid Game. You remember this dreadful survival series, don’t you? The main idea is to take part in a massive competition and try to win a big cash prize. Dozens of people immediately decide to test their fortune. But everything is not so simple as it looks at first glance. There will be up to 35 participants in each trial but only one will win it. What will happen to the other players?

The answer is rather frustrating – they all will die. Currently, there are 28 different maps in this entertainment, but developers promise to ass more soon. Some mini-games are accurate copies of the hurdles from the show, while others are brand new. For example, you will have to reach the island in the Stepping Stones round. For this, you need to avoid fragile platforms, otherwise, you will get drowned in the deep waters. There are many team trials here, and you can communicate with other players using voice messages and chat. Start these exciting adventures right now to distract from everyday stress. Lots of fun and thrills are promised!

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