Crab Game

Are you looking for some game to refresh you? We know what to offer you – play Crab Game! This entertainment is based on the popular Squid Game that went viral during the first month after its release on Netflix. This absolutely new release is a collection of challenges that have been inspired by the scandalous Netflix show. Some tests almost completely copy those you saw in the series, while others have nothing to do with the show. This competitive arcade allows up to 35 users to participate in each session. Every time, only one winner remains based on the results of the mini-games. This project is free of charge and it immediately attracted thousands of players from all over the world. This multiplayer competition offers 28 maps and 9 modes, such as a fight in the room and a race on glass panels. A distinctive feature is that players can communicate using voice and text chats. The ability to closely interact only boosted Crab Game’s popularity. You need to be very skillful to become that lucky person that will survive in every round. It is the only possible way to get an incredible cash prize. Recently, famous streamers joined this entertainment, and the number of participants interacting simultaneously exceeded thirty thousand people. Are you still hesitating whether it’s worth trying? 92% of players gave it a definite yes, so try it too to share your impression. It is going to be a really thrilling adventure.

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