FNF Squid Game

Who are these gruesome fellows in crimson suits? They don’t look so friendly and they have guns. Boyfriend and Girlfriend were just rehearsing for another gig when they appeared in their studio. They pointed their weapons at our heroes and said that they came to participate in a rap battle. Who would suspect that they like music? So it appears our love doves don’t really have an option here. And so you need to help the win this duel!

The enemies you’ll be fighting against this time are from Squid Game. It’s a famous South Korean battle royale that hit the screens recently and already became wildly popular. These guys are the guards from the show, the very ones whose job is to shoot those who didn’t cope with the tasks or tried to break the rules. So as you may guess, they aren’t very inclined to compromises and cooperation. Just looking at them creeps you out. You can’t see their faces because they’re wearing the same hazard suits, and you can only tell one from another by the symbols on their heads.

But don’t be scared because you have an important mission ahead! Winning in a rap battle. And since that’s your scene, you need to prove that you are better in music. So warm up your fingers and prepare to hit the buttons. You need to time your moves exactly to the beat and avoid pressing the buttons either too fast or too slow. Besides, you have to make sure that you press the right ones – the game will give you clues in the form of arrows appearing on the screen.

If you do everything right, you will outscore the Squid Game guards and win the competition. However, you must last for three rounds. So see, it’s kind of a little battle royale too. Only instead of shooting at each other and fighting, you have to demonstrate your musical talent. Good luck!

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