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Squid Game is a new hot battle royale project that will test your reflexes and skills in a wide variety of levels, both individual and team-based. The game is inspired by a popular TV series with the same name that tells about a cruel game run between people in search of an easy way to earn money. If may look rather simple, but it’s not so easy to pass! Are you ready?

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Money or life!

The game was born not long after the release of the South Korean series Squid Game that follows the story of a poor man who has run into huge debts. One day he meets a man in the street telling him there is an interesting offer that may make him rich practically overnight. However, he doesn’t let him in on any of the details. Despite all the secrecy surrounding the stranger and his talk, the main hero decides to take his chances.

But once he gets into the bus that is supposed to take him to the destination, he falls asleep and wakes up already in a totally different place. He finds out that he is now dressed in a green uniform and all around him are other people wearing the same suits. They are all participants of some kind of a show where they need to overcome a series of trials that might appear deadly for them. The whole thing is about to last for a week. But will he be able to survive by the end of those seven days? And will he come home with a prize? That’s what you’re about to find out playing Squid Game online!

Run, dodge and fight!

Right now there are several versions of Squid Game available in the web. They all follow the same concept, but the trials can differ from one game to another. So you are free to choose the very option you find most attractive. Some of the most widespread challenges that repeat from game to game are based on the ones shown in the TV series. Most of the trials have to be passed individually, but some are team matches where the players are divided in two groups and have to combine their efforts to win.

For example, you will have to run through a field guarded by a giant robot doll. From time to time that creature will turn its head and start shooting randomly at the runners letting lasers from her eyes. You have to dodge them and make sure you stay alive by the end of the trial reaching the other end of the field unharmed. Another challenge will require you to cross some kind of a bridge consisting of square tiles that will be lit up in a random order. You have to memorize that order and jump on exactly those tiles that were illuminated. Otherwise you will be gunned down by the guards observing your every movement from the other end of the bridge.

As to team games, they are mostly represented by something like tug-of-war where each team is pulling at its end of a long and thick rope. You need to move your fingers real quick and pull real tight if you don’t want to end up on a blade placed between the platforms where each of the teams is standing. If you think you’re ready to try your hand at brutal challenges like that, start playing Squid Game online right now and feel the adrenaline rushing through your veins!

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