Squid Game 3D

Imagine a picture: a crowd of identical people in green suits running across a huge field, from time to time someone falls dead and the sounds of gunshots sound around. What’s happening? War or civil coup? No, it just starts Squid Game 3D! To win this game and complete all the levels, you have to use your maximum dexterity and ingenuity. The main thing is to stay alive and fulfill all the conditions, because if you miss any of them, you will still be shot by those gloomy guys with guns.

For starters, it’s worth noting that Squid Game 3D is a classic battle royale, and everyone you see around you is real people. Each of the players controls their character. They all look the same, they are just ragdolls dressed in green and they don’t even have faces, just bare white heads. Because appearance is not important for this game, the main thing is how effectively you can act in a given situation. And of course how lucky you are. Luck plays a great role here, so you don’t have to get especially disappointed if you fail, you just have to try again.

The variety of levels will satisfy even the most demanding players. Here and running through twisted mazes, and deadly tug-of-war, and fights to the last drop of blood. For example, in one of the levels you have to jump on square platforms to reach the other end of the map. But first, you must remember in which order these squares will turn green, and accurately reproduce this sequence in your jumps. If you land on the wrong platform, the guards will immediately open fire. To further confuse the player, platforms will also flash randomly during the passage, so try to be very careful.

Another level will send you on a tense race, during which you will have to collect as many chicken legs scattered around the level as possible. The more you pick them up, the more your health indicator will increase. Conversely, the longer you run without collecting anything, the lower this indicator will be. If you don’t dodge nimbly to get to the next ham, you may die altogether. And you will still need health points at the end of the level, when an enemy with whom you have to fight comes out to meet you. Good luck!

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