Squid Game Challenge

Do you want to test your reflexes and agility? Do you have enough presence of mind to participate in competitions where your life can be the price of victory? If so, welcome to the Squid Game Challenge! Here you have to cope with several difficult tests, during which some of the participants will die, and some will be able to go further, to the next level. It will be a new mission each time, so get ready to use all sorts of different skills!

For example, you will need to run through a field that is fired at at irregular intervals. At the other end there is a huge doll from the eyes of which lasers shoot out, striking unwary players. You need to seize the moment when she does not look in your direction and move forward. But be careful, because the doll can turn to you at any second. And then you will have to instantly stop or change position if your character is on the line of fire. You will see other players lying around you, and if you do not want to share their fate, you need to be extremely careful!

The next competition is a tug of war between the two teams. It would seem that there is something dangerous here? But each of the teams stands on the platform, and between them there is a huge guillotine. As soon as one of the teams pulls the rope to its side, all members of the other will fall under the giant blade and turn into minced meat. To prevent this from happening to you, you need to press the keys very quickly and move your hands with great speed. Of course, this is also not a guarantee that all the players on your team will survive, because the platform is short and those in the back will fall off it when you pull the rope. But the level will be passed.

The Squid Game Challenge also has less brutal challenges. But you should not relax, because if you do not pass them, you will still face certain death. For instance, you need to carefully cut a cookie in a certain amount of time. But not just randomly, but following the figure shown on the screen. In shape, the pieces must exactly match the sample. And you have to complete the task before the timer counts down to the last second. If you do not make it in time or do something wrong, you will be shot. Are you already intrigued? There are many more incredible levels in this game that will surely give you a sea of adrenaline and sharp emotions. You will spend a great time and will want to come back for more. Get started now!

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