Squid Game Minecraft

Once upon a time, all that could be done in Minecraft was to walk across pixel spaces with a pickaxe, chop trees and hammer stones, build houses, forge swords and fight zombies. But this is no longer the case, because this game has turned from an ordinary sandbox into a whole platform where new interesting projects regularly appear. Here you can even find ports of popular games redesigned for a cube design. And they are no less and sometimes even more exciting than the original. Squid Game Minecraft is just the case.

It all starts just like the TV show that the game was inspired by. Your hero will calmly walk down the street and suddenly an angular unknown in a black formal suit will approach him. He will start talking about an attractive offer, about the opportunity to win a lot of money, about some game in which you can participate. The dialogue will be displayed at the bottom of the screen, so that you can immediately grasp the essence of what is happening. In the story, the main character accepts the stranger’s offer and comes to the bus station at the appointed time. However, as soon as he gets on the bus, he loses consciousness and wakes up in a completely different place.

Moreover, his clothes have disappeared somewhere and now he is wearing a green tracksuit. Looking around, he sees many other people in the same costumes. These are the participants in the game with whom you have to interact and sometimes fight in the next few hours. I must say that the characters are not just bots that roam the location for extras. Each of them has his own character and they immediately show it. Someone will sit next to you and start a casual conversation, someone will immediately bully you trying to show their authority. This will pass the time until the first test.

And there will be no shortage of trials! You will need to be smart looking for a way out of the intricate maze filled with traps, run away from shots, jump on mysterious platforms trying to understand how they work. In general, there will be a lot of action, and every second you will need to be in tension. Relaxing once, you can die! And other players will only be happy about it because there is only one prize. So focus and immerse yourself in the incredible battle royale from the acclaimed Korean TV series! Do everything to survive and so that the money assigned for the victory will go to you!

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