Squid Game vs Poppy Playtime

The trials in Squid Game become more sophisticated and dangerous. In a new episode, you will have to visit the old abandoned factory. What is the task this time? You will have to investigate what happened in this gloomy place long ago and why all people vanished from here. It does not seem extremely difficult, right? But wait, you do not know one important detail. The building is inhabited by monsters. And you will be shocked when you find out who they are. These are toys! Yes, lovely plush toys stopped being friendly and turned into insane creatures. Thus, without your will, you will be involved into the risk game of survival. But you will find yourself in the role of the victim. And furious toys will tirelessly hunt for you. Your main enemy is Huggy Wuggy. It is a giant plush creature in blue color that is ready to catch you any moment. Do not think his smile is friendly. It is only a trick to mislead you – the antagonist plans to squeeze you tightly until the last sigh. You will have to successfully solve quests and puzzles, explore different objects until you really find some hints to the events of the past. But at the same time, watch your every step as treacherous toys are only waiting for a moment to attack you.

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