Squid Game

Do you think you can survive in a series of brutal trials where every step of yours can turn out to be fatal? Do you have the spirit to pass though all the challenges with dignity? If so, then you’re probably ready to set foot inside the arena of Squid Game! What you are about to see and face here will force you to strain your last nerve and muscle. But, even more importantly, it’s all about the moral strength.

The main idea of Squid Game is inspired by a popular TV series released in South Korea. But it’s not new and has been implemented plenty of times before. There are a lot of movies and even TV shows thriving on that same concept. The point is that several teams of individual participants have to deal with a series of trials in pursuit of some valuable prize. However, unlike official sports contests where the rules are strictly defined, in such shows the tasks set before those taking part in them and the conditions of completing them can be very different and sometimes even violent.

Some of the simplest examples include trying to climb up a slippery hill poured with butter, keep your balance on a spinning circle or fighting with huge rubber sausages trying to push each other out of the ring. Japanese TV shows are known to come up with the craziest challenges when it comes to writing a scenario. However, all these shows are purely entertaining and don’t imply any real harm to anyone involved. Which can’t really be said about Squid Game.

Here many of the obstacles will actually be mortally dangerous. Falling off a platform will often end up in your death, and you should also beware of armed guys who will be shooting at you as you run by. In much the same way, on some locations you can come across machine guns just hanging there and opening fire automatically when some sort of a movement is detected. Figuring out how things work on each level will allow you to come up with various ways of tricking these mechanisms. And of course you’ll be able to choose an optimal strategy of behaving depending on how the situation is playing itself out.

Overall, Squid Game is a diverse and colorful game that will surely keep you busy at your computer or smartphone for a really long time. Adrenaline will be flowing through your veins like crazy as you make your way through all those mazes and corridors. And your pulse will be beating faster the closer it is to the finish line. Do you think you can make it?

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